7 August 2020

Tips for house owners

A couple of tips when leaving your home in the care of one of our sitters.
  • Prepare a list of instructions for your sitter—things like plant watering schedule, alarm codes and passwords, refuse collection day, etc. Keep a copy for yourself.
  • Keep an adequate stock of LED lights, lamps, candles, lighters/matches in the event of load shedding during your absence and inform your sitter where to find them.
  • Keep a few 5 litre containers of water in the event of unforeseen water supply interruption and inform your sitter where to find them.
  • Keep your security and WiFi passwords in a safe place. When you provide these to your sitter just prior to leaving for your trip, advise them where to store them so that they not visible and remain secure and private.
  • Provide emergency contact name/s and numbers for your sitter, including your local animal hospital and vet.
  • It is good practice to keep all your valuables, cash and any dangerous weapons securely locked up (preferably in a locked room).
  • Lock all rooms that you do not want entry into during your absence (a little dust shouldn't be a problem). Your valuables and weapons should be behind a locked door or in a safe. Place the keys to these rooms in a sealed and signed envelope. Tell your sitter where this envelope is for any emergency that will require the sitter to enter the room/s (this protects both you and your sitter).
  • Advise your sitter of any current neighbourhood concerns that may present a threat to them or your home.
  • Temporarily include your sitter on your neighbourhood group/forum so that they are kept informed of any concerns during your absence.
  • Let your close friends, family and neighbours know that you will be away and that a sitter will be taking care of your home and pets.

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