How it works

The basics of our house and pet sitting services.

Trusted and responsible sitters

All of our sitters have been verified by us. They have valid driver's licences and we've conducted relevant reference and criminal background checks.

View profiles and select your preferred sitter/s based on your needs and their availability. Because this is a "people" service, we will confirm the booking within a couple of hours.

Stay in or stay out

Most house sitting involves a full overnight stay (full sits). However, if you'd prefer we are able to accommodate home visits a number of times per day.

For full sits, our sitters will always be present between 19:30 and 06:30, and the maximum time allowed away from the house during the day is five hours. Exceptions to these times will be discussed and agreed upon with you.

Low-impact living

Our sitters will use only the agreed upon living areas while in your home. Generally, this would include the kitchen, living room, one bedroom and bathroom.

Bedding, towels, and food will be provided by the sitter. Cooking will be limited to the microwave and stove top. Washing machines and dishwashers will not be used.

Household maintenance

Our sitters will perform light and routine household functions. They'll take out the bins on collection day, water indoor plants and outdoor areas, sweep and net the pool, open/close windows and curtains, and ensure any home security is adequately armed.

Please ensure a schedule of such tasks is available.


In addition to feeding and watering your pets (according to your instructions) our sitters will provide companionship and care for them while you are away. If there is medication to be administered, this will be done (again, at your instruction).

Dog walking is available for an additional fee.

Your home, your rules

Our rules include no smoking, mess, or going through your personal space. In addition to ours, you may specify your own house rules for our sitters.

If a sitter breaks any of our rules (or yours), we will forego the remaining 50% fee balance.

Read more about the booking process here.

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